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Corporate Social Responsibility
Alongside with business development, Wing On cares for the need of the community and environment, and makes its best endeavor to incorporate corporate social responsibility into the daily business operations of the Company and its subsidiaries, with the goal to create long-term value for the community.
Caring Company Recognition
Wing On Department Stores is devoted in shouldering corporate social responsibility and caring for the community, and received the 15+ Caring Company Certificate from the Hong Kong Council of Social Service.
Heart to Heart Company
Wing On Department Stores is devoted in promoting the spirit of love and care, and supports the Heart to Heart Project held by the Hong Kong Federation of Youth Groups, serving the community with the Wing On volunteering team as a Heart to Heart Company.
Family-Friendly Employers Award Scheme
Wing On Department Stores values its employees as the most important asset, and carries out family-friendly employment practices and policies. Wing on received the Family-Friendly Employer Award organized by the Home Affairs Bureau and the Family Council, recognizing its efforts in caring for the needs of its employees.
Volunteering Work
Wing On is aware of its social responsibility of corporate citizenship, and actively encourages its staff to participate in various social and volunteering services, devoting its efforts to building a caring and harmonious community.
Charity Work
Wing On takes part in different charity and donation events through different channels, bringing love and care to the people in need.
Wing On is active in promoting different environmental protection practices, encouraging staff to use less paper and cherish the valuable resources of the earth.
Reduce Carbon Footprint
Wing On has implemented a series of carbon-less policies, motivating the Group to reduce the emission of carbon, thereby minimizing the harm to the environment.